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PFB Spa has been operating for over 30 years in the aluminium die casting field. The advanced technology used in processing results in an impeccable production of artefacts for different sectors, such as the automotive industry.

PFB company

PFB Spa covers an area of ​​7000 square metres with a staff of 90 employees.

The high production quality, associated with the excellent technical skills of PFB, allows to satisfy the qualitative and quantitative needs of the customer through first class supplies realised with complete melting systems, capable of ensuring excellent critical and safety components .

Excellent value for money has pushed production to a consumption exceeding 5000 tons of processed aluminium per year.

Deliveries in Italy and Europe

In Italy, the material produced is delivered directly to the customers' stores with our own means of transport, while in Europe, delivery is made by haulage companies with which our relationship has consolidated over the years.

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