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PFB Spa has been operating for over 30 years in the aluminium die casting field. The advanced technology used in processing results in an impeccable production of artefacts for different sectors, such as the automotive industry.

For manufacturing its products, PFB relies on complete systems for die-casting moulds to ensure high quality of the parts produced.

The die-casting department is also equipped with robotic hydraulic presses, with powers that range from 300 to 1350 tons.


It is thanks to these characteristics that the company is now able to offer a wide range of services tailored to suit all needs: design and construction of moulds and mechanical parts, production of water and oil pumps and production of steering boxes.


The company's production process involves several stages, all different but perfectly related and interconnected. Each stage is carried out by different departments and the protagonists are the software and industrial equipment involved, as well as our qualified technical staff.


From design stage to alloy management, from the bath in melting furnaces to the casting stage, right through to blanking, finishing and machining, everything is organised to ensure a fast and efficient service.


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