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PFB Spa has been operating for over 30 years in the aluminium die casting field. The advanced technology used in processing results in an impeccable production of artefacts for different sectors, such as the automotive industry.

Alloy die casting

Based in Polaveno, in the province of Brescia, the PFB foundry has been active for over thirty years in the field of die casting aluminium and alloys, establishing itself successfully in the industry as a leading, reliable partner.


The process

The method of casting under pressure within metal moulds, called die casting of alloys, allows the creation of various parts made of aluminium or other materials. Molten metal is injected inside suitable moulds and kept under pressure until it reaches the solid state. Subsequently, a press opens the mould and extracts the piece. Today, you can choose between two different methods: cold chamber and hot chamber technique. This method can be used to manufacture parts with a high finishing grade.


Technological innovation and production flexibility

Today the company is a trusted partner of many industries spread across the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Milan and Turin, also targeting the international market on the basis of strong partnerships with Germany. The excellent versatility of the company allows PFB to adapt its production lines to specific customer needs, producing customised mechanical parts. To ensure the excellence of our products, PFB also has a modern laboratory for quality control of the whole alloy die casting process.

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