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PFB Spa has been operating for over 30 years in the aluminium die casting field. The advanced technology used in processing results in an impeccable production of artefacts for different sectors, such as the automotive industry.


PFB is a foundry in Polaveno operating in the die casting sector of aluminium and its alloys, well-esteemed in the province of Brescia and surroundings.


Die casting consists in the creation of materials for industrial use by melting aluminium alloys and subsequently passing the molten material into steel moulds. This technique is economically advantageous in particular for the companies that produce parts with a high level of finish in series.

Cutting-edge technology

Production for various sectors

The foundry products made thanks to cutting-edge equipment are very varied, ranging from components for the automotive and household appliances industry, to lighting and also the mechanical industry. Our staff is available to explain the die casting process in detail and to answer any query.


For further information, please contact PFB by calling +39 030 8911161 or by writing to info@pfbspa.it.

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