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PFB Spa has been operating for over 30 years in the aluminium die casting field. The advanced technology used in processing results in an impeccable production of artefacts for different sectors, such as the automotive industry.

PFB Processing stages

PFB has a furnace department comprising:

  • tower melting furnaces with a bath capacity of 3000 Kg and a yield of 2300 kg/hour;
  • tower furnace with a bath capacity of 2000 kg and with a yield of 1300 kg/hour.


The melting furnaces allow us to produce the heat necessary to melt and overheat the metal alloys to be processed, so that they become fluid in order to acquire the required shape.


The company has always invested in modern equipment in order to obtain impeccable processing through all the production stages.

Our melting furnaces are of excellent quality and are checked constantly.


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